As a musician, you know how hard and time consuming traditional reed making can be. We became dissatisfied with the results of traditional scraping and so designed a product which makes this work easier and quicker for every bassoon and oboe player. The design process took time, but we are pleased with the results.

The patented Light Plaque helps the way you work on reeds. A strong, luminous plaque made out of polycarbonate plastic is placed into the reed, and the light, which shines through the plaque, shines up through the cane. The light inside of the reed shows you where to scrape, and makes this process much easier than with a convention plaque. As result, the reed is smoother and is adjusted with much less effort. This leaves you with a lot more time to play your instrument!

As a light source we use a Photon Freedom (made in the USA) lamp which allows you to change the intensity of the light to compliment the type of cane you have chosen.

Photon Freedom - light's brightness is adjustable