Allow publishing of name & country.

Very important tool !
Exellent in finishing reeds !

Harri Ahmas/Lahti Sympony Orch. / Principal Bassoon/Finland
Revolutionary innovation !
Now I use it every day !
J.Korhonen/Principal Bass.Turku / Philharmonic Orchestra Turku Fin
Thank you Antti for your fine innovation !
Now the lamp goes with me everywhere !!
Kjell Häggkvist/Lahti Symphony / Orchestra/Co-Princ.bassoon Fin.
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The Light Plaque is very good for shaping my bassoon reeds. For the first time it is possible for me not only listen to the sound of the reed, but also see the details of the reed. I have been able to shape the reeds to be more even on both sides and reeds that was difficult to adjust have been able to make playable. Highly recommended! Thank you for fast delivery.
Bjørner B. Christensen / Norway
Hello, I have a question regarding the use of the lamp:
When I press the button the light is switched on, but only for about 5 secs. There is no way to keep the light on permanently, which I find a little disturbing, since sometimes it takes a little longer than that to check the reed. Is there any secret to it?
Susanne Sonntag / Germany
Hello Susanne !
Yes there is! Just keep the button down for 20 seconds...the light goes off...and then you can press the button ...and it will be ON as long as you press the button again....after that you can keep the button down and change the power of the light..
Please tell me what size battery I need for the bassoon reed light plaque.

Thank you!
Emma Shapiro / USA
You need two CR-2016 Lithium Batteries....

I did not purchase the lighted plaque from your business but i love the item. the only downside is the difficulty in replacing the battery. the back cover is extremely difficult to remove. the back of my plaque is shreaded.
Maria Jimenez / USA
Thank you for contacting..
I can send you a new cover ..can you please contact me by e-mail..
I must replace the battery in my light plaque but do not have any information regarding this. I do not know how to remove battery. Or must I purchase an entire photon freedom unit? Thank you for your help
sheila acuncius / usa
Hello Sheila,
Thank you for buying Light Plaque!
You can easily replace the batteries !
You can find the instructions here ;
The light is "photon freedom micro"
I can also send the instructions for you if you like!
Just e-mail me please :
Are there any modes of payment possible besides credit card payment?
Thank you for asking!
The answer is yes . I can send an invoice with international bank-account numbers. Just e-mail me..Best wishes Antti